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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions relating to your stay with us.

Hot Tub Questions

Q: How long does the Hot Tub take to heat up?

A: We heat the hot tub prior to arrival on your first night so you can start enjoying the hot tub straight away. As long as the hot tub lid is replaced after you use it, the hot tub will take 30 mins – 1 hour to heat on subsequent days.

Q: Are the logs for the Hot Tub included in the price?

A: Yes, we provide a good supply of logs which should be plenty to heat the hot tub for the length of your stay. If you require more, we can supply extra (may be an additional cost depending on time of year)

Q: What times are we allowed to use the Hot Tub?

A: We ask guests only use the hot tub between 09.00 – 23.00 so not to disturb other guests or neighbours during the night.

Q: Are there other rules for using the Hot Tub?

A: There are some other safety rules for using the hot tub which are given to you before your stay and a copy in the hut. If you would like a copy of these prior to booking, please email and we will send to you. We are required to have hot tub rules for your own safety and for insurance purposes.

Q: I don’t want to use the Hot Tub during my stay. Can I book without the Hot Tub?

A: Yes, Bramley Hut is available to book with or without the hot tub.


Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes, we welcome dogs but due to limited space in the hut, we recommend only 1 medium or 2 small dogs. We have had larger dogs, or 3 smaller dogs stay but this is very dependent on the dogs and what they are used to. Send us a message if you’re not sure and we will do our best to advise.

Q: Are Dogs allowed on the Bed/Sofa?

A: As we use white cotton bedding we prefer dogs not to go on the bed. If your dog is used to sleeping on the bed, please bring your own duvet cover (king size) and throws to protect the covers. It creates a lot of work and use of harsh chemicals to remove stains from white bedding.

Q: Is there an enclosed space for my Dog outside the Hut?

A: No, the orchard is not fully enclosed. There is a stock fence around most of the orchard but the access into the car parking area is open. The orchard is a shared space with the other hut and it is asked that each owner takes responsibility for keeping their dog under control and respecting the other guests staying.

Q: Can I let my Dog off the lead in the orchard?

A: Yes, we are happy for dogs to be off the lead in the orchard as long as the dog is kept under control. We are on a working farm and there may be sheep in the neighbouring fields and their safety and welfare is paramount so if you have any doubts about your dogs recall, or you are not sure how your dog will react to sheep we ask you please keep your dog on a lead.

Q: Are there any good walks for my Dog nearby?

A: Yes, you will be spoilt for choice for walks. From you base there are many footpaths, bridleways, woodland and coastal paths without needing to drive anywhere.

Q: Can you recommend any places to eat that are Dog Friendly?

A: Yes, most pubs and tea rooms in the local area are dog friendly. You won’t have any problem finding places to eat with your dog.

General Questions

Q: What are your check in/check out times?

A: Check in is available from 3pm -10pm and check out is before 11 am.

Q: Can I check in earlier than 3pm?

A: We can sometimes accommodate an earlier check in if the hut is not booked on the previous night. If you would like to arrive earlier, send us a message before your stay and we will let you know if an earlier check in is possible.

Q: Do you offer a late check out?

A: We can sometimes accommodate a late check out if there are no other guests arriving. Please ask if this is something you would like and we will let you know if we can accommodate a late check out.

Q: Where do we collect our keys from on arrival?

A: We aim to meet all guests on arrival to show you around the facilities and explain how to use the hot tub /wood burners etc. It is a great time to meet guests and answer any questions you may have. Keys will be given to you on arrival.

Q: Is there car parking nearby?

A: Yes, there is one car parking space for each hut on the edge of the orchard, just a short walk from the hut. If you need to bring more than one car, we can find a space nearby for you to use if the other spaces are fully utilised.

Q: Am I able to charge my electric car?

A: At present, we have no facilities for electric vehicle charging on site but hope to be able to provide this is the near future. The nearest EV charging point is in Porlock – 2 min drive.

Q: I would like to bring my bike. Do you have anywhere I can store it securely?

A: We do not have dedicated secured storage for guests’ bikes, but it can be arrange to use our locked shed if necessary but collection and drop off will need to be arranged as we will be unable to give you the keys.

Q: I see you are situated on a farm. Will there by farmyard noises/smells?

A: There may be some animal or machinery noises through the day. We are a working farm so are working in some capacity 7 days a week but aim to keep noise to a minimum and there should rarely be any noise during the night. There should not be any farmyard smells in the orchard but if walking along the road past the farmyard there may be mild farmyard smells at some times of the year.

Q: Can I meet/touch/feed any of the animals?

A: We ask you do not touch or feed any animals without permission as sometimes different foods may be harmful to animals. Some animals can be unpredictable so please do not enter any fields, farm buildings or yards without permission. We may be able to arrange a time for you to meet some of our animals depending on our work schedule so if you are interested, please ask and we will d our best to help.

Q: Can you accommodate our baby/young child?

A: No, unfortunately we only allow 2 people in the hut. We do not have the safety features required for young children and do not want to disturb guests staying in the other hut.

Q: How far away are the toilets from the Hut?

A: The toilets and showers are approximately 30 metres from the hut.

Q: Do we have to share the toilet/shower facilities?

A: No, you will have your own private toilet & shower room which is lockable.

Q: Are towels provided?

A: Yes, we provide two bath sheets, two bath towels, two hand towels and two facecloths. You may want to bring a couple of extra towels for use with the hot tub.

Q: Do you provide any toiletries?

A: We provide Faith in Nature shampoo, conditioner and body wash in refillable dispensers. You can of course bring your own if you prefer.

Q: My partner is celebrating a birthday during our stay. Can you provide balloons/decorations?

A: Yes, we can provide a small selection of balloons /bunting at no additional cost but if there is something more specific you would like it may be necessary to make arrangements with other local suppliers, for example flower deliveries. We can also provide a small birthday cake or sweet treat at no additional cost. Let us know your preference and we will do our best to help.

Food & Drink

Q: Do you provide any Tea or Coffee?

A: We supply a small supply of tea /coffee. Each hut will have 4 tea bags, 1 sachet ground coffee for cafetiere, 2 sachets instant coffee, 2 sachets instant decaf coffee, 2 hot chocolate sachets, small supply of sugar and small bottle of milk.

Q: What is included in the breakfast hampers?

A: The Full English hamper consists of 4 slices of bacon, 4 pork chipolatas, 4 eggs, 1 tin baked beans, 1 small loaf bread, butter, small jar marmalade & jam, 500mls orange juice, sachet of cafetiere coffee or 2 tea bags with sugar & milk.

Continental hamper consists of small loaf of bread, butter, jam, marmalade, 500mls orange juice, 2 croissants, 2 small box museli, 2 yoghurts, 2 bananas, sachet of cafetiere coffee or 2 tea bags with sugar & milk.

Q: Can you accommodate different dietary requirements for the breakfast hampers?

A: Please advise us of any dietary requirements and we will advise if we are able to accommodate your needs.

Q: What cooking utensils are provided?

A: Each hut is equipped with 2 frying pans, 2 saucepans, serving dishes, 4 each of dinner plates, side plates, cereal bowls, knives, forks, spoons, sharp knives, scissors, bottle opener, tin opener, pizza cutter, fish slice, serving spoons.

Q: Do you have a microwave?

A: No. There is only a two-ring gas hob for cooking in the hut and fire pit with BBQ grill outside.

Q: Can we have a campfire?

A: There is a fire pit provided to enjoy sitting around a fire in the evening. We are not permitted to have fires on the ground.